As a team, Boyd and Jo Coddington were a force to be both admired and reckoned with. They loved what they did, the people they worked with, the customers their cars were designed for, and the people they met at the car events.

Boyd Coddington as a household name is no stretch. Boyd set a standard for his workmanship, creativity, and thinking from which he's never deviated.

Hot rod aficionados came to recognize the stocky bearded guy, with the Hawaiian shift, as “The Legend” in the hot rod industry. Those high standards Boyd set for himself and the cars he produced led to lots of magazine coverage, which in turn led to enough fame that wealthy customers from other states made the pilgrimage to Boyd's for a car that often made a statement akin to a one-off, fine watch or Tiffany jewelry.

Anyone with drive and talent, on the scale of Boyd and Jo Coddington, reaches considerable success in their chosen field. But for Boyd and Jo the chart went where they “couldn't have imagined it in a million years.” He was a legendary figure in the hot rod world long before the TV show “American Hot Rod” and, Boyd found the solid-gold prize in the Cracker Jack box of life when he met his wife Jo. There's a lot to this lady. It would take an exceptional person to multi-task a life this full without a great mate standing, not behind him, but next to him. Jo, a level-headed spouse, who brings a lot of skills to the table, ran the car builds and TV show now there are millions of people outside the car hobby who also admire his work. You've seen them all on the show. But of course there was also the demand for his one-off billet wheels which spawned a huge manufacturing facility producing one of the biggest and most well know custom wheels within the industry.

But as it goes many aspects of the Boyd Coddington operation. It's a testament to their relationship that when each was asked about the other, they answered the same, “Oh, I couldn't do it without her/him!” For Jo, she is now “doing it without him”, due to the fact that Boyd's health failed him and he passed away.

After much thought and consideration Jo sought our to re-discover herself trying to stay involved with the hobby but setting her sights on assisting other and protecting what she could with Mother Earth she found XenTx HD a diesel fuel additive that increases lubricity by 35%, improves Mileage, Improves power, reduces opacity, and is registered with EPA.

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