Chip Foose was born October 13, 1973 in Santa Barbara California. At the young age of seven Foose started working on cars with his dad at Project Design which his father owned and operated.Chip Foose is now known as a world class auto designer who works with all three major automakers. Chip went to The Art Center of Design to study and master his craft. He faced financial difficulties and had to take a break from school to stabilize himself, he eventually went back to school and graduated in 1990 with honors.

In 1990 the relationship between Chip and Boyd Coddington began, some of the great Boyd cars were designed by Chip like the Boydster l & ll, the Roadster, Boydair etc. This helped launched Chips career even further into the limelight.

Chip Foose and his wife Lynne decided to open Foose Design in 1998 in Huntington California. In 2004 TLC network launched the TV show Overhaulin starring Chip Foose which made Chip a household name across America.

Contrary to popular belief there was not bad blood between Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington, They had their issues like most friends do, however the departure was blown out of proportion due to the media and public opinion. Prior to the untimely death of Boyd they were putting together a combo build by Foose/Coddington, this never got to surface however amends were made between the two gentlemen and the legacy, love, and respect will live on forever.

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